This is a difficult question as you can be both, however a functional medicine practitioner takes an evidence-based approach to systematically assess an individual’s health parameters whilst still understanding that everyone is unique. They look for the cause of the cause of the cause – on in other words – the initial imbalance that lead to the illness, symptom or condition.

Naturopaths also take a holistic view on health but vary greatly in their level of education and training making it difficult to state their exact skills. Naturopaths are trained in multiple modalities including nutrition and herbal medicine, however a naturopath is not always evidence-based and may or may not have a structured plan on how to assess each client thoroughly and individually.

Jasmin has training as both a functional medicine practitioner and naturopath and utilised aspects of both in her treatment and assessment. Her background in biomedical science compel her to be evidence-based, but not evidence limited. She is also continually building her skills through her study commitments, as well as seminars, webinars and by attending practitioner conferences. Many of her clients are allied health professionals, such as nurses, paramedics, scientists and nutritionists looking for evidence-based treatments.