Natural Thyroid & Adrenal Support

“Adrenal and thyroid issues are interrelated and both need support for best results” – Jasmin Polley

Natural Support for Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Issues

Our fast-paced, stressful lifestyles have resulted in a massive increase in thyroid function and adrenal disorders.

How we can help

Many of the clients we see have been told that their thyroid function is normal based on a single blood test result that does not always reflect the true answer. There are however, many more tests including some you can do at home, that can help assess your thyroid function and even better, there is a lot you can do about it naturally, before resorting to medications.

Adrenal issues are interrelated with thyroid issues, and you cannot treat one without supporting the other. Your adrenals are your master stress glands that really cop a workout, without much downtime. Your doctor may tell you there is no such thing as adrenal exhaustion, but we beg to differ, with this term being used to describe adrenals that are unable to function optimally after being depleted from long-term over-stimulation (or stress). The good news is that adrenal function can be improved and energy returned with the right dietary and lifestyle support. Adrenal function is often based on a single cortisol result, however, cortisol has a circadian rhythm and levels vary throughout the day, as does your stress levels. We have access to more accurate adrenal testing that can show the variations in your cortisol levels throughout the day, if required. We also look at nutrient levels, infections, lifestyle factors and hormonal imbalances that can also impact adrenal function.

Have you been told your thyroid is “normal”?

Regular thyroid testing focuses on solely testing a pituitary hormone called TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). TSH is the hormone released by your pituitary gland to stimulate thyroid gland hormone production. When stimulated by TSH, the thyroid gland produces T4 (inactive thyroid hormone) which is then converted to T3 (active thyroid hormone) in the liver.

Often TSH levels come back inside the reference range – meaning they are classified as “normal”. However, simply testing TSH can miss the subtle changes in thyroid function before overt disease results. At Wellness Vision we offer comprehensive thyroid testing.

Subtle changes in thyroid function can result from autoimmune antibodies, as well as nutrient imbalances such as low iodine, iron, zinc or selenium. However, none of these factors are generally tested if TSH is “normal”. Illness, infections and intense stress can also negatively impact the thyroid.

Early detection of thyroid issues is crucial to long-term successful recovery.

Do you suffer from fatigue and/or feelings of overwhelm?

Your adrenal glands produce hormones to help you cope with stressful situations, however, if you are under long-term chronic stress your adrenal glands may start to become “fatigued”. Adrenal fatigue is now thought to be an incorrect term, as your adrenal glands can still generally respond to stress, however, they tend not to be able to maintain high function for as long. This can mean that you can still function through a busy, stressful day but then literally crash when you get home from work. Keep this up and you may find that your immune system drops out and you start to get sick all the time. This can keep you bedridden, however, you may find that no matter how much sleep you get, you are still fatigued.

A deeper level of support is needed to rekindle your energy and also to ensure that you don’t have any additional conditions such as chronic viral infections, anaemias, thyroid issues and the like.

How do I know if I have adrenal issues?

We assess your adrenal function as part of our initial consultations via case history taking, symptom analysis and pathology testing. Depending on your situation, we may request more specialist adrenal function tests, such as a 24-hour salivary adrenal function test (that you can do at home). We also look at nutritional sufficiency (crucial for energy and brain function) as well as stress support, nervous system function, digestive health (heavily linked with mental health and fatigue) and thyroid function. Hormonal involvement and immune function are also assessed.

Some symptoms related to adrenal and thyroid disorders include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain or Weight Loss
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Infertility
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Digestive Disorders (constipation, diarrhoea, bloating etc)
  • Hair Loss or Dryness
  • Dry Skin
  • Loss of Skin Tone
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Headaches
  • Frequent Infections
  • Aching, Stiffness or Tingling

You need to address the cause

As you can see, the symptoms can be quite varied due to the importance of the thyroid-adrenal axis in total body health. If you just treat the symptoms with out addressing the cause, your condition may continue to deteriorate.

In our consultations, we complete a detailed case study of your current health and history, including in-clinic testing. We can request specialised adrenal and thyroid testing to further determine the level of imbalance (if necessary). We can then offer you natural adrenal and thyroid support through the use of supplements, herbal medicines as well as dietary and lifestyle interventions.