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Specialising in Gut Health, Women’s Health, Adrenal & Stress Fatigue, Thyroid Health, Functional Pathology Testing, Natural Fertility Management, Weight Loss, Anxiety and Depression, and Functional Medicine.


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We offer Functional Medicine approaches to help with …

Digestive Health, Wellness Vision, Newcastle naturopath

Gut Health

Digestive Health is a core concern of functional medicine as it is fundamental to your long-term wellbeing. Gut Health must be addressed for comprehensive treatment of all health conditions.

Thyroid Support, Wellness Vision, Newcastle Naturopath

Thyroid Health, Adrenal Stress & Fatigue

Long-term stress and lack of relaxation results in a massive increase in thyroid and adrenal disorders, and you cannot treat one without the other. Functional medicine can help support thyroid and adrenal health, including autoimmune thyroid conditions, such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Womens Health, Wellness Vision, Newcastle Naturopath

Women’s Health

Functional medicine can help with all areas of Women’s Health including menopause, PCOS, PMS, menstrual difficulties and endometriosis.

Address infertility naturally, Wellness Vision, Newcastle

Natural Fertility

Ensuring that you and your partner are fit and healthy before you conceive, could be the best life-long gift you could give your unborn child. Functional medicine can help support both male and female fertility.

Lose weight naturally, Wellness Vision, Newcastle

Weight Management

Wellness Vision can help to individually tailor tailor a program to get you long-term results by addressing barriers to fat loss and targeting your specific genetic make-up.

Treating Stress and Anxiety Naturally, Wellness Vision, Newcastle

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Mood and Stress Management are important for all aspects of health. Wellness Vision can help if you suffer from mild stress or anxiety through to long-term depression.

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Find out more about our 3-Month Program

Find out more about our 3-Month Foundational Functional Medicine Program. Based on Jasmin’s experience working with clients over the past 20+ years, clients that commit to regular consultations and troubleshoot issues with their plan early on, always have the best outcomes. We feel we can only do this effectively with a dual commitment to a 3-month program (as we will work together as a team). If you are interested, please schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery call with our knowledgeable team.

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