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Food Intolerance Testing with Initial Functional Medicine Consultation (90 minutes)

Food Intolerance Testing

If you want to know which foods you are reacting to, then BOOK NOW. Results are given to you during your consultation.

Food intolerance symptoms can be delayed for many hours or even days making it difficult to identify the problem foods. We can accurately test for intolerance to 46 commonly eaten foods in-clinic (or we can give you a pathology request to test hundreds of foods through your local pathology lab).

The Food Intolerance Test is extremely accurate and is suitable for both children and adults.

How the test works:

During your consultation a small blood sample is taken from your finger using a tiny disposable lancet. This is then mixed with a chemical to prepare it for testing. Following your consultation, your blood sample is then diluted and added to a single-use tray containing 46 separate food antigen wells. Detector and developer solutions are then used to cause a colour change if you have reactive antibodies to these foods. The depth of the colour determines if the reaction was mild, moderate or severe. A strong colour change represents a strong reaction, whereas a slight colour change represents a mild reaction and no colour change shows that you do not have antibodies in your blood that react to this food. There is also a positive and negative control well to ensure that the test is accurate.

Your Consultation:

The Food Detective Food Intolerance Test can be conducted during your naturopathic consultation and requires only a single finger prick. Your practitioner will then conduct the test while you wait and the results can be explained to you before you leave. It is that easy!


Health fund rebates are available on your naturopathic consultation only ($120). The ‘Food Detective Food Intolerance Test‘ is $220 (inclusive of GST). Total cost = $340.

Your Practitioner:

All naturopathic consultations are conducted by Naturopath and Biomedical Scientist, Jasmin Polley.