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“In April 2016 I ran in the Hill to Harbour 10km event. It was such a hard slog and it utterly wiped me out for weeks afterwards. I had done plenty of training, and just didn’t have the fitness I should have (I thought I was just getting OLD!) I finally realised that my constant tiredness and cyclical energy slumps needed to be addressed because I have work to do on this earth. Jasmin is an incredibly knowledgable and kind naturopath who has taken my personal health goals and really worked with me to make them happen. I am now understanding that a lifetime of energy and mood slumps, at times deep sadness, have been a result of adrenal fatigue. So 12 months in and I have a mental clarity and focus that I haven’t felt for YEARS, my emotional stability is back into the normal ebb and flow of life, and my energy levels are ever increasing. Thank you so much Jasmin x”

Tara Whitewood

“Jasmin is a genuine, knowledgeable women, with a passion in helping women, men and children to live a healthier life. Jasmin tailors her services to suit her individual clients needs. She is warming and caring. If your feeling sluggish, thinking something is not quite right, wanting to get your health back on track, wanting a natural alternative, I can not recommend Wellness Vision highly enough. Jasmin is amazing and certainly a blessing to any fortunate enough to work with her.”

Kay Laws
“Jasmin is so knowledgeable and understanding. She was very thorough with my assessment and never pushed me into purchasing any supplements that i didnt want to, just made suggestions. Jasmin is a pleasure to work with to guide me towards meeting my health goals. I would highly recommend Jasmin to anyone.”
Stephanie Smith
“To say Jasmin is amazing is an understatement, after feeling unwell for a great length of time, I was amazed with how quickly I was able to get back on my feet with Jasmin’s support & guidance. Jasmin is certainly a wealth of knowledge & has a genuine care for hr clients health. Certainly a blessing to anyone privileged to uses her services.”
Kay Laws
“So impressed with Jasmine. She has the perfect mix of outstanding knowledge with lots of formal qualifications, and a kind heart and demeanour. After trying everything for 12 months with my Dr, Jasmine worked out my issues in one visit, confirmed by blood tests, and began treatment from visit two. Very highly recommended.”
Joanne Monk