Natural Fertility Support

Wellness Vision, Newcastle

Natural Fertility for Men and Women

Ensuring that you and your partner are fit and healthy before you conceive, could be the best life-long gift you could give your unborn child.

Sperm and egg health are vitally important, as both mother and father contribute 50% of the DNA to a growing embryo. Therefore the health of both mother and father prior to conception is equally important.

Men are continually making new sperm, which take about 65 days to be produced in the testes. Sperm have limited antioxidant protective mechanisms and are easily damaged, so the health and lifestyle choices of the male during this time can have a massive impact on the health of his sperm.

Women on the other hand are born with all of their eggs already lying dormant in their ovaries. Each month, in fertile women, some of these eggs begin to “ripen” and ultimately one egg (generally the healthiest) is ovulated. Dormant eggs are relatively protected due to their inactive state, however in the four days prior to ovulation cellular activity increases making the egg more susceptible to damage.

No one organ system in the human body functions alone, it is all interconnected, so to pass on healthy genetics, you too must be in good health.

A functional medicine approach to natural fertility can help!

How we can help

Our approach focuses on getting both you and your partner in optimal health to conceive – this is because optimising female fertility AND male fertility are both just as important. 

At Wellness Vision we conduct an in-depth investigation of all aspects of your current health that may affect your ability to have a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth. Not only that but we now know that the health of the mother and father at conception can affect the long-term health, fertility and risk of chronic diseases in their child (this is called epigenetics).

Our functional health practitioner, Jasmin Polley has a special interest in natural fertility and preconception health. She can help you to prepare your body for pregnancy and take the guesswork out of why you are not conceiving or carrying to full term. Jasmin can also work with you both prior to and during IVF.

Natural Fertility Managment addresses factors which can negatively impact your fertility including:

  • Hormonal imbalances – for example, low progesterone or high testosterone in women, or low testosterone or high oestrogen in men. Causes of hormone imbalances include: oral contraceptives, poor liver detoxification, genetic variations, environmental chemicals (including cosmetics and plastics), stress, thyroid or adrenal imbalances and body composition.
  • Inflammation and immune imbalances – inflammation can be caused by numerous environmental, infective, dietary, physical or emotional stressors. Autoimmune diseases, allergies and gut health issues such as SIBO and IBS can also cause low-grade inflammation in other areas of the body.
  • Thyroid imbalances – both over or underactive thyroid function can negatively impact your fertility. Thyroid hormones help to regulate sex hormones and also affect our stress resilience.
  • Nutritional deficiencies – common nutrient deficiencies that are important for fertility include protein, folate, iron, B12, fatty acids, iodine, choline, selenium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E.
  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression – your body doesn’t want to fall pregnant if it is under a high level of stress. That is why a major stress can cause you to skip a period, delay ovulation or can even trigger a miscarriage. Stress also affects male fertility by decreasing testosterone levels.
  • Digestive issues – you may be eating all the right foods, but if you are not absorbing them, you are not getting all of the nutrients you need. Digestive issues can also be linked to food intolerances, immune imbalances and gut bacterial overgrowth. Gut bacteria prime your baby’s immune system during pregnancy (yes, even then), birth and breastfeeding. Poor gut bacteria are linked to more colds and ear infections, as well as an increased risk of eczema, asthma and allergies in children.
  • Toxicity – hormone-disrupting chemicals such as phthalates, parabens and organophosphates are found in plastics, pesticides, pollution, cosmetics, new clothing, household cleaners etc. Heavy metals found in large fish, old paints and amalgam fillings etc. Mold spores can cause low-grade immune activation. The list goes on, however, our aim is not to scare you, as we all live in the same world, but to look for any areas of excess exposure and to also educate you on how you can make better choices.
  • Weight management – both too much body fat and too little body fat can impact your fertility. Fat cells also produce numerous hormones including oestrogen and inflammatory hormones. Fat cells are also the storage site of many environmental toxins and heavy metals, so if you plan to lose weight it is also important to support detoxification, to ensure removal of these damaging compounds.
  • Blood sugar regulation – both high and low blood sugar imbalances can be a problem for fertility in both males and females. Blood sugar imbalances can also cause inflammation and impact your child’s epigenetics (risk of chronic disease in the future).