Easter, like most holidays, is a time when we like to give ourselves a little break from our routines, we are surrounded by our friends and family and we allow ourselves to indulge in the festivities. Food and drink are aplenty and well-honed habits of wellness fall to the wayside. Brightly coloured wrapped temptations are everywhere (especially if you have children or grandparents who love to spoil your children!) and conscious eating goes out the window as you unwrap your sixth foil covered treat of the day. We all enjoy a little indulgence and no-one is perfect, however rather than end the long weekend feeling remorseful, we think Easter is the perfect time to introduce more mindfulness into your day and chocolate is the perfect way to start!

This chocolate meditation is a great introduction to mindfulness and meditative practices in general. It is a wonderful way to bring your consciousness back to the present and really experience the moment. You don’t need to use chocolate if you would prefer to avoid it, consider using a raisin or something you can savour.

Begin with a small piece of good-quality chocolate. We recommend dark chocolate 70%+ cocoa content, but since this is a meditation practice and learning the art of savouring your food, a small piece of your favourite chocolate, one that brings you enjoyment is okay too!

  1. Relax your body – begin with a few deep breaths and rolling your shoulders in a circular motion, up to your ears and down. You want all your muscles to be nice and relaxed.
  2. Close your eyes and take a moment; begin to notice the sounds around you, sense the temperature in the air. Begin to draw your attention inwards to your breath. Is your breath relaxed and deep?
  3. Open your eyes and take the piece of chocolate (or date or raisin). Draw your attention to it in your hand. Notice the weight, notice the texture and colour. Notice if you are tempted to eat it straight away. If you are, bring your focus back to your breath.
  4. Bring the piece of chocolate to your nose, smell the chocolate. Slowly breath in several times and really get a sense of the chocolate. Can you pinpoint different scents? The richness of the cocoa? The sweetness of the sugar? Notice if your mouth is beginning to salivate.
  5. Now take a small bite of the chocolate. Do not chew or swallow the chocolate. Let the piece melt on your tongue and notice how it feels. Notice the taste as it begins to melt.
  6. Begin to take more bites and continue the process. When the chocolate is finished notice your senses? Can you still smell the chocolate? Does the taste linger? Draw your attention back to your breathe and bring your focus back to the room. How do you feel? Are you tempted for more chocolate? Or is there a calming sense of satisfaction and satiation from savouring that one piece?

This exercise is certainly helpful for this time of year, however, it is a great way to begin your meditation practice. We encourage you to try this in other areas of your life, to slow down your mind and enjoy the smaller moments of life.

Happy Easter!