About Wellness Vision

A Functional Medicine practice in the Newcastle / Hunter Region

Our Team

Our Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Jasmin Polley began her career as a naturopath in 2003. She then went on to study a Bachlor degree in Biomedical Science and then a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

She is also one of the few Australian practitioners that are certified with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFMCP).

Jasmin has been practicing as a naturopath since 2003. She founded Wellness Vision in 2015 and then joined Atune Health Centres in 2020.

My story

My long-term vision is one of personalised, preventative and holistic healthcare whereby clients control their health journey with the support and intergration of their health team. I look at all aspects of health but have a special interest in Immunity, Hormones and Gut health – why these areas…..let me share my story….

In my early 20’s I suffering horrendous hormonal issues after taking the oral contraceptive pill. I had no idea that the artificial hormones could send my whole body (and mind) completely haywire. I was also very lucky not to suffer further compilations from possible blood clots in my legs after a long-haul flight (as I could see them but didn’t go to hospital being entirely unaware of the risks at that time).

I have always been one of those annoying ‘but why’ people, so it didn’t take me long to realise three things that would change the course of my life:

  • A “one-size fits all” approach doesn’t work, as even though I had many friends taking the pill without issues, artificial hormones did not suit me.
  • There is a connection between hormones and gut health, as the pill also made a mess of my previously robust digestion.
  • Food really matters, as if I ate badly everything just got ten times worse (fatigue, hormones, gut health, skin…the works).

These realisations led me to start my naturopathic training. After completing this I realised how much more there was to learn, so I began my Biomedical Science degree (I can’t believe I hated science in high school). My plan was to go on and study medicine, however after witnessing on multiple occasions the narrow-minded, drug-based approach of some of my medical lecturers, I didn’t want to be the type of doctor they were training.

Many years down the track…some more health learnings of my own…most notably digestive issues/ food intolerance and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (or SIBO) after a bad bout of food poisoning in Vanuatu, as well as a wonderful husband and two gorgeous kids….I finally found out why I could never choose a health niche…as my niche is in the whole person – i.e. functional medicine. Functional Medicine is not about studying symptoms or organ systems in isolation, but understanding how they are all connected. We are complex organisms and our health depends on the functioning of all aspects of a mind, body and spirit…not merely in diagnosing and treating seperate health conditions.

I love what I do! I love empowering and getting to know my clients. But mostly I love watching my clients transform their health, their thoughts and their lives to become masters of their own health journey x

Jasmin Polley

Jasmin Polley – Qualifications: 

IFM Certified Practitioner


“Jasmin is a genuine, knowledgeable women, with a passion in helping women, men and children to live a healthier life. Jasmin tailors her services to suit her individual clients needs. She is warming and caring. If your feeling sluggish, thinking something is not quite right, wanting to get your health back on track, wanting a natural alternative, I can not recommend Wellness Vision highly enough. Jasmin is amazing and certainly a blessing to any fortunate enough to work with her.”

Kay Laws

“In April 2016 I ran in the Hill to Harbour 10km event. It was such a hard slog and it utterly wiped me out for weeks afterwards. I had done plenty of training, and just didn’t have the fitness I should have (I thought I was just getting OLD!) I finally realised that my constant tiredness and cyclical energy slumps needed to be addressed because I have work to do on this earth. Jasmin is an incredibly knowledgable and kind naturopath who has taken my personal health goals and really worked with me to make them happen. I am now understanding that a lifetime of energy and mood slumps, at times deep sadness, have been a result of adrenal fatigue. So 12 months in and I have a mental clarity and focus that I haven’t felt for YEARS, my emotional stability is back into the normal ebb and flow of life, and my energy levels are ever increasing. Thank you so much Jasmin x”

Tara Whitewood