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Comprehensive assessment for deeper understanding

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How do I get started?

Step 1: Book a consultation

You will receive a confirmation email confirming your appointment.

Step 2: Click the “Fill in forms” link in your confirmation email

You with then be redirected to the Living Matrix portal.

Step 3: Set up a Living Matrix portal log-in

Living Matrix is a functional medicine analysis program that allows us to analyse, chart, graph and determine your core imbalances as well as to track your progress over time.

Step 4: Complete your ‘Functional Medicine Appraisal Forms’ at least 1 week before your appointment

These forms are very detailed and cover all aspects of your health history, family history and lifestyle. Depending on the complexity of your health history, completion of these forms will take between 1-3 hours and must be completed one week before your appointment. You are able to complete the forms in parts and save your progress. This means that you can chase up any information that you aren’t sure of, such as dates of illnesses or family history. You need to complete these forms using a PC or Mac – tablets and phones are not supported at this time. You will also need to use Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox.

Step 5: Visit the clinic for your Initial consultation (or connect with us on Skype or Zoom)

We are located in Charlestown (Newcastle, NSW) close to Charlestown Shopping Centre. Parking is available on site – free of charge. Online consultations can be arranged by emailing us at admin@wellnessvision.com.au.

This is where your wellness journey really begins!

Prior to your visit, your functional medicine practitioner will review your results and have them ready to discuss and add to during your consultation.

Your health history can be visually charted (see below) to make it easy to determine potential health triggers. It is important to workout the triggers of your symptoms (where possible), so that we can ensure the underlying cause is addressed.

LivingMatrix Timeline

This is why it is important to estimate the dates of any significant medical, lifestyle or emotional events that have occurred over your life. Together with your practitioner, you can walk through your health history – adjusting and adding any important details. Then your practitioner can graph your current ‘Core’ health imbalances on the Functional Medicine Matrix (shown below). Your practitioner will use this graph to decide on the best treatment approach.

Core Imbalances

More time spent on understanding your body’s imbalances and designing your plan of action

During your consultation, your practitioner will be able to adjust, clarify and discuss your health history and goals. They will be able to focus more time on you, instead of on note taking, since you have already provided most of the necessary information. This allows more time focused on the important aspects of your health concerns, so that you can start healing as soon as possible.

Comprehensive support material and treatment plan

After your consultation your practitioner will email you your Functional Medicine Prescription. This will include all nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations that your practitioner has discussed with you. Your practitioner may also suggest further testing or may discuss a timeline for repeat testing to ensure you are making progress.

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