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Comprehensive assessment for deeper understanding

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How do I get started?

Step 1: Book a consultation

We are not currently accepting online bookings. Please email admin@wellnessvision.com.au or fill in our booking request form (under ‘contact us’) to request a booking.

Step 2: Our admin team will be in contact to arrange your consultation.

Following your booking your will receive a confirmation email containing all the information your need to prepare for your booking.

Step 3: Complete your online ‘Wellness History Form’

The link to this form will be emailed to you. This form is an in-depth review of your past and current health, along with your treatment goals. Please complete this at least a week prior to your consultation.

Step 4: Visit our clinic or connect with us via live telehealth conference call

Our clinic is now located at the new Atune Health Centre in Cardiff (Newcastle, NSW). Free parking is available on site. Telehealth consultations are also available and can be conducted from any mobile device or computer.

We have two initial consultation options –

  • Our new ‘9 week Wellness Foundations Program’ – Includes consultations and phone check-ins with both our Functional Medicine practitioner, Jasmin Polley, and our Clinical Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Michelle Barnes – along with an online education program. Designed as a first step in determining underlying health imbalances and making the first steps towards better long-term health.
  • Stand-alone acute appointments with either Functional Medicine Practitioner, Jasmin Polley OR Nutritionist & Wellness Coach, Michelle Barnes.

This is where your wellness journey really begins!

Prior to your visit we will review your wellness history to allow deeper discussion during your consultation.

Your symptoms and previous testing will be assessed and further testing may be suggested to try to ensure that the underlying cause/s is addressed.

Thorough review of the medical, lifestyle or emotional events that have occurred over your life up until this point, allows us to build a clearer picture of how your health concerns have arisen. This allows treatment to be designed to not only address any troublesome symptoms, but to also address the underlying cause/s.

More time spent on understanding your body’s imbalances and designing your plan of action

During your consultation, we will clarify and discuss your health history and goals to find the right treatment approach for you. As you have already provided most of the necessary information in your online questionnaire, more time will be focused on assessing these concerns in greater detail, so that you can start healing as soon as possible.

In-clinic testing and physical assessment

We may suggest in-clinic testing to help determine imbalance, as well as provide baseline results to monitor your progress. This assessment may include: Hospital-grade body composition testing, cellular health testing, breathing assessment, blood pressure, urine testing, iris/skin/tongue/hair and nail assessment (at no additional cost / depending on your requirements).

Additional test samples can also be collected and either tested in clinic or sent to specialist labs. These tests may include food intolerance testing (in-clinic), gut bacteria testing (various labs depending on specific tests), hormone testing (various labs), omega 3 testing (sent to lab) and genetic testing (sent to lab) (additional costs apply depending on needs).

General Pathology and Functional Pathology Testing

We encourage you to bring all of your recent test results (in the last 12 months) or longer if they are relevant to your concerns. We look for optimal ranges (not just “normal” ranges) and we also cross-reference multiple markers to allow us to draw more concrete conclusions. Depending on how relevant and recent your  past testing is; we may also suggest further pathology and functional pathology testing depending on your needs. All costs and rationale will be discussed with you during your consultation to ensure you are 100% happy before you proceed.

Personal treatment plan – designed specifically for your needs

You will leave with an initial wellness plan addressing your most crucial dietary, lifestyle steps. This is a dynamic plan that will be adjusted as required to help you build your level of wellness. Also if new information comes to light after further testing, we will adjust your plan accordingly (at your follow up consultation).

Wellness and nutrition coaching

Our qualified nutritionist & wellness coach, Michelle Barnes can help you decide on your first steps and answer any further questions around your treatment plan. Michelle can offer support, guidance and motivation through fortnightly phone consultations and can also design a personalised meal plan and recipes that takes into account your dietary needs, likes/dislikes, intolerances/allergies and time/family dynamic.

Follow-up appointments

These are important to ensure you are making progress and are getting the desired results. We will discuss a timeline for repeat testing to monitor your progress, as well as adjust your treatment plan as you make progress. Your plan will grow with you. As your health and situations change, your wellness plan will need to be adjusted. The timeframe for these appointments varies greatly depending on your individual needs.

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