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If change was that easy, everyone would be doing it…. right?

Forming new habits and achieving goals is challenging, however when you do create a new habit and stick with it so it becomes part of your lifestyle, it can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

Imagine having your own personal coach to ensure your success! Wellness coaching can guide you how to implement changes in your diet and lifestyle and most importantly stay on track and not fall back into old habits.

How we can help

Do you feel exhausted, lacking in energy, struggling to eat healthy or maintain a healthy weight?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of including more ‘me time’ into your day?

A wellness coach can guide you to achieve lasting changes to your well-being. You form a partnership together and they are there to motivate, inspire and facilitate a change process that you will go through. You do this by creating a vision, setting goals whilst providing accountability and follow up.

This is what leads to sustainable change for the better!

A wellness coach’s role is to help you gain strength, structure and knowledge to create your own well-being goals. They don’t strive to be the “expert” that tells you want to do, instead they guide, motivate and support you. Think of your wellness coach as your personal support crew!

Why do you need wellness coaching?

Everyone at some point of their life could benefit from wellness coaching! From the stressed-out overworked mum who wants to include more ‘me’ time in her week but doesn’t know how to make it happen, to the person who is an over eater, fussy eater or emotional eater and wants to create a healthier relationship and better habits with food.

What to expect from your wellness coaching sessions:

  • A detailed evaluation of your health goals and changes you want to make.
  • Guided advice on how to create a vision of exactly what you want to achieve and how you want to feel- your values and motivations behind wanting change.
  • Structured goal setting including developing a 3-month plan as well as weekly goals.
  • A review of your progress overcoming any obstacles or setbacks and brainstorming solutions.

Our wellness coach, Michelle Barnes is also a qualified nutritionist and offers a separate nutrition consultations providing tailored meal plans with simple and nutritious recipes. She will also advise you on how to make healthy food swaps with your current diet.

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Michelle offers 2 types of wellness coaching packages. Each package will support you on your habit changing journey.

Michelle takes a client centered approach to facilitate and empower you to achieve your self-determined health and wellness goals.

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