Your Initial Functional Medicine Consultation

Your initial consultation is very comprehensive and takes around 2 hours. You will spend time with both our Functional Medicine Practitioner, Jasmin Polley and our Clinical Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Michelle Barnes to discuss all aspects of your current and past health, your wellness goals, your family history, current diet and lifestyle, as well as stress/moods/motitivation and your support network/relationships.

We see wellness as a balance in all these aspects. We aim to find your imbalances and to help you create a plan to address that areas that you have power over…we call these your modifiable lifestyle factors.

We dig deeply and treat you as an individual

Prior to your initial consultation, we ask you to complete an in-depth wellness history questionnaire, so that we can save time and get stuck into the real healing work. If you have had any recent pathology testing or are taking any supplements, we also suggest your bring these with you or send copies/photos prior to your consultation.

You may want to bring your significant other for support and to ensure you are both on the same page from the start!

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Testing and Assessment

We will also conduct in-clinic testing (depending on your needs) and Jasmin will often also request additional general pathology testing. Functional medicine testing (see the ‘Testing’ tab) may also be suggested, however we always take your needs and budget into consideration. Testing is important to uncover hidden drivers of your condition, as well as a objective way to measure improvements. We want you to really ‘see’ your results, as this will demonstate the importance of making your health a major long-term life focus, so you age well.

Meal plans and coaching

A nutrition review with Michelle is a must, as your diet has a massive effect on your current health – including inflammation, gut health, mental health and much more. Without good nutrition the “wheels” start to fall off. Our food provides all of the building blocks for good health. Good nutrition is also central to our ability to mount an immune response, calm inflammation, regulate our biological rhythms (e.g. hormones), balance our neurotransmitters (e.g. moods, mind and motivation), nourish our gut microbiome and maintain all of our body tissues.

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Functional Medicine Matrix

A structured wellness plan

During this consultation we spend time gaining an understanding of the underlying drivers of your symptoms or disease. We then create a personal plan. Your plan may include recommendations for further investigation, supplementation, dietary and lifestyle advice. We aim to address your initial goals, whilst understanding your unique health needs so we can devise a wellness plan for long-term health.

Who can benefit from Functional Medicine?

Our Functional medicine consultations are especially suited to those with complex, chronic or multiple health concerns. It is also for those who like to understand their body better and understand why you have developed your health complaints. Functional medicine is also great for preventative, long-term health to understand your inherent strengths and weaknesses, as well as which dietary and lifestyle practices need to change or be subtlety adjusted. We are real people and try to keep your plan real…whilst still getting you the results you desire.

How long does treatment take?

Gaining an understanding of the underlying causes of your health concerns can take time and perseverance. Everyone is different and every ‘body’ reacts and heals differently.

Our goal is to work closely with you to dig deeper and discover your unique imbalances. Understanding ‘why’ your body has developed the symptoms you are experiencing can allow you to treat your body with compassion and ensure you are providing the nutrients, lifestyle factors and motivation needed to heal deeply.

Your health and wellbeing should not be a short-term goal, but instead a daily
and life-long motivation.

We recommend that you commit to a minimum of three consultations with us initially, however this is very individual and we will discuss this with your during your consultation. Our aim is to become your lifelong wellness team and many clients continue to see us as needed on a 6 month to yearly basis, to keep their health on track and pick up on even slight declines in health that can be more easily overcome acutely.

The decision however is completely up to you. We work with you as a team, so you are always in control and plans can be uniquely structured specifically for you and your unique needs.

Your investment is not only financial, but also requires your dedication, motivation, commitment, and enthusiasm. In return we will provide expertise, support, relevant information, inspiration, and guidance to help you flourish!

Still unsure if Functional Medicine is the right approach for you?

Book in for a FREE 10 minute discovery call with Michelle to have your questions and concerns answered.

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