Functional Medicine

Addressing imbalances before long-term complications emerge

Evidence-Based Functional Medicine

When a plant’s leaves are turning brown, you don’t paint the leaves green. You look at the cause of the problem. ​If only we treated our bodies the same way!

Dr. Frank Lipman (Functional Medicine Doctor)

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine involves assessing and correcting the core imbalances that are underlying your health condition/s.

Chronic disease is preceded by a gradual decrease in function of one or more body systems for many years before the disease is “diagnosed”. The time prior to diagnosis is often viewed in conventional medicine as “in good health” however, a functional medicine practitioner will be able to address subtle imbalances before long-term complications emerge.

The functional medicine tree represents your body and its systems.

Your symptoms are the “leaves”, which are looked after by the organ systems in the “trunk”. It is easy to see that the trunk gets everything it needs to function correctly from the “roots”, which represent your diet and lifestyle.

​To alleviate your symptoms quickly and effectively, Functional Medicine practitioners work from the ground up. They do not try to “paint the leaves green”, but instead identify the source of the problem and recommend holistic treatments to restore your functional health and give your “leaves” the nutrients and energy they need for optimal “growth”.

Functional Medicine Tree

Client-centred treatment

In conventional medicine, the aim is to diagnose a condition, so that treatment can be prescribed to “target” the disease.

Functional medicine is different – it is patient focused, not purely disease focused.

The aim of functional medicine is to improve the client’s health and vitality but addressing underlying health and organ imbalances, so the body can fully heal. In contrast, conventional medicine often focuses on treating the symptoms (e.g. anti-acid medications for heartburn) but do not address the underlying imbalances (e.g. food intolerance), this means that the client will feel better on the medication initially but will never fully return to their previous state of health. Over time, their health will continue to deteriorate resulting in more symptoms and medications.

Our Approach in NOT typical …

We spend time understanding YOU. That means “digging deep” and gaining a clear picture of your current health, as well as aspects of your past health that have led you to where you are today. It is only by understanding your unique health picture, that we can uncover the root cause (or causes) of your health imbalances.

We “connect the dots” to solve your health puzzle

Chronic health problems and diseases usually take many years to develop and generally involve many aspects of your health that are out of balance. This means we need a thorough understanding of your family history, medical history, childhood illnesses, significant stressors, current and recurrent symptoms as well as your environment (home and work), current lifestyle, diet and nutrition, potential toxin load and on-going stress and support network.

Functional Medicine Matrix

We test organ “function” not just damage

To ensure you get results we can measure and assess key biomarkers for nutrition adequacy, organ function, hormone balance, immune function, gut health and inflammation. We do this via symptom review, in-clinic testing, general pathology and functional lab testing. The tests that we conduct are based on what we believe will be the best test for your specific needs. We discuss the relevance of any testing we suggest and do not test “just for the sake of testing”. We believe that testing is important to ensure that we are on the right track, and also to assess the effect of your treatment.

We help you become a master of your own body

Effective treatment depends heavily on education and building awareness, so that you understand your unique strengths and weaknesses, recognise signs of body system sub-function as well as your required nutritional and/or lifestyle needs.

Supplementation, functional foods and herbal medicines may also be suggested. Most importantly, we will support you to make the necessary changes at your own pace. We believe that you, the client, should be the master of your own health and should call the “shots”.

We get results!

The results of functional medicine speak for themselves. Getting started may seem a bit overwhelming, as we need to take time to look deeply at your whole health picture. This is why we have a “3-Month Functional Medicine Program”, so we can spend time at the beginning getting to know you and your unique health needs. During this time, we work one-on-one with you to build your personal wellness plan. This plan aims to address your current symptoms as well as guide you toward making beneficial nutritional and lifestyle decisions for your long-term health and vitality.

How long does treatment take?

We work with you until you are back ‘in’ balance, which may simply mean completion of our 3-Month Program, up to long-term assessment and support, depending on your condition and commitment.  The more you invest energy and awareness into your own health, the quicker and better your results.

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Long-term health with Functional Medicine