3-Month Foundational Functional Medicine Program

Functional Medicine focuses on treating the person, instead of the disease. The same “disease” can manifest in different people due to different underlying causes. Ascertaining and addressing the underlying causes is the only way to truly heal.

Achieving your wellness goals and reaching your health potential can take time, knowledge and commitment. It often entails changing long-term habits that aren’t serving you and also cultivating new habits that will eventually become your normal behaviours.

Our 3-month Functional Medicine Program is designed to:

  1. Investigate the underlying causes of your health concerns.
  2. Establish achievable initial goals and assessment markers.
  3. Assess your results at the end of the program and adjust your ongoing plan.

Throughout the program, you will be working directly with Jasmin Polley – our Functional Medicine Practitioner. Michelle Barnes – our Clinical Nutritionist and Wellness Coach will also check in with you to ensure you feel supported and have everything you need to follow the plan.

Is this Functional Medicine Program right for me?

A functional medicine approach is right for you if you want to understand your unique health needs and have a clear plan on how to reach your own health potential. If you have multiple health concerns, our system-based treatment approach will assist you in understanding the connections between these imbalances, so that whole-body healing can occur. We also welcome anyone who wants to be proactive about their health, even if they have no known health concerns.

Our goal is to collaborate closely with you to dig deeper and discover your specific needs and imbalances. It is important to understand ‘why’ your body has developed the symptoms you are experiencing. This can allow you to treat your body with compassion and to target your treatment to provide the nutrients, lifestyle factors and motivation needed to heal deeply.

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Functional Medicine Matrix

Develop your personal functional medicine plan

During your initial consultation, our functional medicine practitioner, Jasmin will spend time gaining an understanding of your unique health journey, as well as the underlying drivers of your current symptoms. This information will allow her to investigate the likely drivers of your symptoms. This may require further testing, as well as assessment of past results (depending on when your symptoms arose). Jasmin will then work with you to develop your dynamic wellness plan to help you heal deeply and where possible, completely.

Health investigation

Meal plans and coaching

Your diet has a massive effect on your current health – including inflammation, gut health, mental health, and much more. Without good nutrition, your body can fully repair and regenerate and metaphorically the “wheels” start to fall off. Our food provides all of the building blocks for good health. Good nutrition is also central to our ability to mount an immune response, calm inflammation, regulate our biological rhythms (e.g. hormones), balance our neurotransmitters (e.g. moods, mind, and motivation), nourish our gut microbiome, and maintain all of our body tissues.

You simply can’t supplement or exercise your way out of an unhealthy diet!

As Hippocrates – the father of medicine said – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

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