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Can I get private health fund rebates?2020-11-07T15:35:08+11:00

Unfortunately, since 1st April 2019 the federal government has ruled that naturopathy and herbal medicine cannot be claimed under private health funds. At this stage there is no acknowledgement of functional medicine or nutritional biochemistry in Australia, therefore Jasmin is still considered a naturopath and as such can no longer offer private health fund rebates.

We believe that this decision was based on flawed and biased assessment of evidence. Therefore together with our professional community and outraged members of the public, we have lobbied the government to reassess their decision – taking into account “all” of the evidence available. The government has listened and agreed to review their decision, however this will take time and at this stage their is no specified date set for the release of their review.

What is the difference between a Naturopath and a Functional Medicine Practitioner?2018-11-24T18:03:14+11:00

A functional medicine practitioner takes an evidence-based approach to systematically assess an individual’s health parameters whilst still understanding that everyone is unique. They look for the cause of the cause of the cause – on in other words – the initial imbalance that lead to the illness, symptom or condition.

Jasmin still considers herself as a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, however functional medicine training has allowed her to enhance her evidence-based approach and has also provided a more structured process on how to assess each client thoroughly and individually.

Jasmin therefore utilises aspects of naturopathy, herbalism, nutrition and functional medicine in her treatment and assessment. Her background in biomedical science compel her to be evidence-based, but not evidence limited. Many of her clients are allied health professionals, such as nurses, paramedics, scientists, chiropractors, dietitians and nutritionists looking for an evidence-based approach to their health concerns.

Are you a medical doctor?2021-10-08T18:46:24+11:00

No, Jasmin is not a doctor or primary-care physician and encourages you to continue seeing your regular GP. Jasmin is recognised as a naturopath with a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Functional Medicine and a Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Science. She is also very happy to work with your doctor or specialist to ensure your best level of care. If your doctor is NOT open to functional medicine approaches, we can provide you a list of doctors that have been recommended by our clients as being open and supportive to working with us and to supporting their patients’ proactive health choices.  Jasmin is also happy to discuss her approaches directly with your physician if they are open to this.

Jasmin is an evidence-based practitioner and is also completing international certification in Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), the founders and world leaders in functional medicine.


Do you offer online, telehealth or phone consultations?2021-05-07T11:49:18+10:00

Yes, we can do both telehealth and phone consultations, however booking for these are not yet supported in our booking system. If you would like to book a telehealth or phone appointment, please email admin@wellnessvision.com.au. If you do live locally or have the means, it is generally best to see us in person, at least initially, to allow for general in-clinic testing.

Can you request pathology testing?2018-11-20T22:24:31+11:00

Yes, we can request pathology tests as well as a vast range of functional medicine tests (if required, however we do take cost into consideration). Since we are not medical doctors, we do not qualify for Medicare rebates. We are happy to work as a team with your GP or specialists to ensure you get the best care, if they are open to this.

How much will my treatment cost?2017-12-05T11:21:41+11:00

This question is impossible to answer because recommendations are different for every client, as some client’s require very little in the way of prescriptions, further testing or consultations, whilst other clients require more in-depth support.

Every client also has a different concept on what is expensive for them. It is my aim to get you the best result, so I make sure that I don’t change my optimal recommendations based on my assumption of what is too expensive for you. I will however discuss each recommendation with you, explain my rationale and offer alternatives based on finances, taste preferences and lifestyle restrictions etc.

What is iridology?2018-11-24T18:39:29+11:00

Iridology is the art of discerning specific patterns, fibre deviations and colour variations in the iris (coloured part of the eye) and the sclera (the white of the eye) and determining potential health issues and tendencies based on the presence of these. Although iridology is not an exact science and should never be used to diagnose, Jasmin uses iridology to gain an insight into potential health tendencies which she would then assess using scientific testing. Jasmin doesn’t believe that eyes can be used to monitor improvements, as the structure of the eye is more like a tapestry that can not be changed but can be added to throughout life.

Jasmin has undertaken advanced iridology training and has had privilege of seeing thousands of different eyes. This experience has been invaluable as no two eyes are the same, even in the same person.

Jasmin doesn’t use iridology in every consultation as she tends to focus on evidence-based tests, however if you do have a keen interest in this please let her know.

Am I too young or old to gain benefit?2017-12-05T13:48:23+11:00

No, definitely not, Jasmin sees clients from birth until old age! If a client is under the age of 16, they should be accompanied by an adult to ensure they understand Jasmin’s suggestions and recommendations. Also, if a client has issues with their memory, hearing, understanding or concentration, it is best that they also bring a support person. Just make sure that you don’t limit your health by your own beliefs.

I’m on prescription medication, will Jasmin still be able to work with me?2017-12-05T13:43:11+11:00

Yes! Many of Jasmin’s clients are on prescription medications and she is experienced in ensuring that she doesn’t prescribe any supplements that will interact with these medications. Furthermore, many prescribed medications can cause nutrient deficiencies which Jasmin can identify and correct.

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An Initial Functional Medicine Consultation is 120 minutes. We dig deep to identify the underlying cause of your current health concerns. See the ‘Consultations’ tab for details. You will leave with a new outlook and a personal treatment plan to get you started.

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