Can I get private health fund rebates?

2020-11-07T15:35:08+11:0010 June 2019|

Unfortunately, since 1st April 2019 the federal government has ruled that naturopathy and herbal medicine cannot be claimed under private health funds. At this stage there is no acknowledgement of functional medicine or nutritional biochemistry [...]

Are you a medical doctor?

2021-10-08T18:46:24+11:0024 November 2018|

No, Jasmin is not a doctor or primary-care physician and encourages you to continue seeing your regular GP. Jasmin is recognised as a naturopath with a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Functional Medicine and [...]

Can you request pathology testing?

2018-11-20T22:24:31+11:0020 November 2018|

Yes, we can request pathology tests as well as a vast range of functional medicine tests (if required, however we do take cost into consideration). Since we are not medical doctors, we do not qualify [...]

How much will my treatment cost?

2017-12-05T11:21:41+11:0016 May 2017|

This question is impossible to answer because recommendations are different for every client, as some client’s require very little in the way of prescriptions, further testing or consultations, whilst other clients require more in-depth support. [...]

Am I too young or old to gain benefit?

2017-12-05T13:48:23+11:006 June 2017|

No, definitely not, Jasmin sees clients from birth until old age! If a client is under the age of 16, they should be accompanied by an adult to ensure they understand Jasmin’s suggestions and recommendations. [...]

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