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Wellness Revival Package

The Wellness Revival Package keeps you committed so you can begin seeing long-term changes in your health (you also get a discount)

Why should I purchase a Wellness Package?

  • You are serious about committing to achieve long-term results.
  • You know that you often “fall of the wagon” without having on-going support and accountability.
  • You feel like you are a “passenger” in your own health journey but want to take control again.
  • You realise that your health NEEDS to be a top value in your life!
  • You want to know that you can afford to follow through with your health goals.

What are the benefits of purchasing a Wellness Package?

  1. Time to develop a clear wellness picture!

    This package allows us to build an in-depth picture of your health and wellness up to this point in time. This includes genetic influences, childhood health, major health issues, current symptoms, current diet, lifestyle and habits etc. This is crucial to address the underlying cause of your symptoms and create long-term healing. By pulling together your health history, current symptoms and pathology results we can map out your current health picture and see your areas of imbalance. This allows us to address the most likely causes and triggers of these imbalances.

  2. You will be more committed!

    It has usually taken many people years to develop their current health picture, therefore to actually address the underlying cause it can take time. This package is designed to be 3 months, as this is the minimum time to really start to shift your long-term health direction and for most people committing to this can be difficult initially. You should begin feeling better within the first few weeks, however if you do not continue to make positive choices the old problems will return. That is why a package is the best idea, as it keeps you commited and on track. For some chronic illnesses, on-going care is needed to address problems as they arise and to continue the deeper healing and corrective work of functional medicine.

  3. You will have clear goals!

    This package is 3 months so that you have something to aim for. We do a review consultation in your final week, so that you can see how far you have come and discuss where to for the future. This appointment is important as often you can forget how bad you actually were, as you start to improve. Seeing the results can keep you motivated into the future. New problems can also arise as larger issues disappate.

  4. We can troubleshoot any problems and adjust your goals!

    Your Wellness Revival package is dynamic and will change and evolve, however we start making small steps today. If you don’t like quick changes, that is okay – you control the pace, as you are ultimately in charge – I am just here to guide, support and educate you to make better decisions and create a better level of long-term health and wellness.

The Wellness Revival Package is designed to follow on from an initial consultation, so that you can see if Jasmin is the right practitioner for you and ensure that the program is exactly what you need. You do not need to decide at your initial consultation but all details will be provided.

You do not need to decide at your initial consultation but all details will be provided.

Optional Extras

Food Intolerance Testing (additional $220)

Conducted in-clinic either during or following your consultation. See ‘Food Intolerance Testing‘ for more information.

Nutritional Genetic Testing (additional $495)

A painless saliva sample taken in clinic and sent to specialist genetic testing lab. Full PDF of results available in approximately 4 weeks. See ‘Genetic testing‘ for more information.

Book the Initial Consultation for your Wellness Package online today!

The total cost of the Package is $553.50, which includes 5 consultations in total. Health Fund Rebates are available.

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“In April 2016 I ran in the Hill to Harbour 10km event. It was such a hard slog and it utterly wiped me out for weeks afterwards. I had done plenty of training, and just didn’t have the fitness I should have (I thought I was just getting OLD!) I finally realised that my constant tiredness and cyclical energy slumps needed to be addressed because I have work to do on this earth. Jasmin is an incredibly knowledgable and kind naturopath who has taken my personal health goals and really worked with me to make them happen. I am now understanding that a lifetime of energy and mood slumps, at times deep sadness, have been a result of adrenal fatigue. So 12 months in and I have a mental clarity and focus that I haven’t felt for YEARS, my emotional stability is back into the normal ebb and flow of life, and my energy levels are ever increasing. Thank you so much Jasmin x”

Tara Whitewood

“Jasmin is a genuine, knowledgeable women, with a passion in helping women, men and children to live a healthier life. Jasmin tailors her services to suit her individual clients needs. She is warming and caring. If your feeling sluggish, thinking something is not quite right, wanting to get your health back on track, wanting a natural alternative, I can not recommend Wellness Vision highly enough. Jasmin is amazing and certainly a blessing to any fortunate enough to work with her.”

Kay Laws